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Holds the values for the search attributes of a terms and conditions search level. Therefore, it specifies the fields to which the detailed terms and conditions, as stored in the terms and conditions groups, apply. One or more lines with the values for the search levels’ search attributes. A way to increase the speed of accessing a database table by loading the table or specific parts of it into memory on the server. The international code for the bank, according to the rules of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications .

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The employee who is responsible for maintaining the technical item specifications and the requirements for the manufacturer of the item. This employee is also responsible for maintaining the information concerning hazardous material and the risk classification in Warehousing. You can use the tax authority groups when you select or sort tax information for reporting purposes.


The home currency amounts are converted according to the general concepts that apply to the currency system. A distribution center where goods sent from the supplier are consolidated and often repacked before being shipped to the final destination at the customer’s. An intermediate consignee is owned by the customer or a carrier acting on behalf of the customer. A commission to buy, sell, or transport goods, or render services between organizational units that belong to the same organization. For example, if the currency rounding factor is 0.01 and grand totals must be rounded on 0.05, you can use grand total rounding and define a grand total rounding factor of 0.05.

A business object is identified by the combination of a package code, module code, and business object code. This type indicates if the account is a bank or a giro account. An assigned rule is used to set up data authorization that is specific for an employee. These rules are mostly used to deal with exceptional scenarios. Dividing the fixed landed cost amount of the header into partial amounts on the related lines.

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A virtual item that is used to model a fixed part of a product engineering structure in Assembly Planning in Manufacturing. The product engineering structure is used to generate assembly orders for the Assembly Control module of Manufacturing. Document compliance checks are performed at various stages in the document handling processes. A test in which the tested items are destroyed after testing. The production of finished products, subassemblies, and components is driven by forecasts (make-to-stock).

A representation of your ideal customer that describes who they are, what their objectives are, what motivates them, how they think, and where and when they buy. A formula used to determine whether it’s the right time to sell to a prospect. Businesses that sell their products straight to the consumer. He is totally committed to whatever he is doing whether it is working on a client’s estate plan, business valuations or vacationing with his family.

LTV — Lifetime Value (of a customer)

The minimum percentage of a test sample that must be approved to have the entire item quantity approved. For instance, if the AQL is set to 90 and the percentage approved lies below that figure, the entire quantity is rejected. Dollars and cents signs and decimal points should be used when writing amounts on ruled accounting pages. The Objective Evidence accounting concept requires that there be proof that a transaction did occur. The archaeological discovery of what amount to ancient Mesopotamian invoices — insignia sealed in clay — underscores the economic and utilitarian roots of writing and reckoning. Eighty-five percent of cuneiform tablets uncovered at Uruk , for example, represent economic records, and Egyptian temple and palace records are similar.

  • Indicates that an item requires a conformance document check at source inspection, which must be executed before shipment of an item.
  • In turn, each intercompany trade agreement is linked to an intercompany trade scenario.
  • A group of countries that have the same tax relation to the company’s home country.
  • The point in the product structure or production process up to which the material requisition is order-controlled.
  • A business partner that represents an enterprise unit of the same logistic company.
  • A way for a buyer to directly submit a sales tax to the tax authority instead of first paying it to the supplier.

You can use a zoom session to enter the code of an existing record in another session. To determine in which taxation jurisdiction the address is located. An international organization for the development of standards used on Internet, and more specifically on the world wide web. The term „withholding tax” generally refers to withholding income tax and social contributions.

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This amount is the quantity for which the combined costs of acquiring and carrying inventory are the lowest. This is also referred to as the minimum cost order quantity. For example, you can grant a discount because the customer orders large quantities. sales invoice If you grant a discount or if you add a surcharge to a sales invoice, you can enter a discount code to indicate the reason. A way for a buyer to directly submit a sales tax to the tax authority instead of first paying it to the supplier.