The next time you talk to your associate they’ll ask you if you would like to grow the household, to which you may be able to say yes or no. Just like earlier than, if you say no, your companion will ask you again after per week. If you say yes, it’s the same procedure as what was along with your first baby.

The path to romance in Rune Factory 5 is a three-part process. First, you’ll woo potential companions with presents and get to know them early as associates, begin courting as lovers, and eventually get married. This section covers step one, working in your Friendship Level and Romance Story scenes. But you’ll discover that your chances of a profitable confession will go down as you confess to more folks.


To circumvent this, save earlier than your confession and restart the game. After confessing successfully to at least one love interest, all you must do is choose another and up their friendship level. After reaching stage three, the protagonist may have a 92% probability of accepting. The percentage will enhance by 2% till reacting 100% at stage 7. While accompanying the protagonist, the individual may also assist them in battle. After successfully confessing, you may be to go on a primary date together with your lover!

Some festivals supply moments with somebody particular, just like the Seaside Lights Festival. Villagers like spending time with the protagonist, so invite them to your party upon reaching Friendship Level three to earn slightly extra in the course of their stage. From left to proper, Rune Factory 5’s bachelors are Lucas, Martin, Murakumo, Ryker, Cecil, and Reinhard. Marriage candidates like Martin, Murakumo, Ryker, and Cecil are available from the beginning, while Reinhard and Lucas be part of later on.

Improving friendship levels, triggering romance events

Shy and soft-spoken, Priscilla doesn’t often venture out of her consolation zone. She’s beloved by associates like Lucy, and at all times keen to help those round her. Priscilla struggles with her anxieties and divulges her desire to return out of her shell.

Raising friendship to level 7

Likewise, they’ll ask you which of them pet title or nickname to call one another. If a confession fails, you can at all times attempt once more, ideally at the next friendship stage. Ask your companion out by way of the identical menu; you’ll need to do that 3 times before marriage. After planning the date and time, make sure you arrive early. Late arrivals or no-shows cause their Friendship Level to drop.

After seeing the third scene with Martin, you’re all done with his confession event. Although it is possible to date a number of characters directly, you possibly can solely be married to one particular person. Also, there is no way to divorce a character, even when you drop their Friendship Level.